Our Foundation

Nearly 60 years ago, Abdul Azeez Umar, a young Maldivian artist living in the island capital, put down his paintbrushes and picked up a chisel. Spending hours, sometimes days, tinkering in his modest workshop, he learnt the secrets of local timber. And each new piece, every table, every chair that he built, revealed an artist’s touch, and a craftsman’s skill.

Little did he know then, of course, that within two generations the company he’d go on to found would no longer build tables or beds but the resorts and hotels that housed them.

But no matter. He simply carried on creating beautiful things, treating his customers right and using the best materials. Just as we do now.

We may no longer work in a dusty workshop under a tin roof, but we’ve never lost sight of where we came from. We still tinker with the details. We value craftsmanship and quality. We take pleasure from the process.

You could say that we approach our projects as our patriarch did every chair. With passion, patience and curiosity.

We Imagine Beyond.
And trust us,
the possibilities are endless.

What We Build expand

We’ve come a long way since our days in the woodshed. From bespoke furniture, we now create bespoke destinations.

We were there when the Maldives transitioned from a cluster of forsaken islands to one of the hippest travel spots in the world, home to the most luxurious resorts on the planet.

And we should know, we built them.

Being part of that process made us realise the only thing holding you back is how far your mind’s eye is willing to see. So at AIMA, when we’re entrusted with a desert island, we don’t just see how we can build a hotel, we envisage how we can craft a destination, a place that brings joy.

While our strategic position and extensive portfolio have made us experts in the process of building remote island resorts, it’s by no means the only thing we do.

We’ve developed homes for the hundreds, buildings that define the nation and harbours that promise sanctuary. In each case, our approach is always the same.


At AIMA, innovation is in our blood. It’s what keeps us up at night and what wakes us up in the morning. We’re constantly looking for new ways to innovate, to get the job done that bit more efficiently, that bit more ergonomically.

At the core of everything that we do is the drive to deliver high performance products at the lowest possible price. It’s an ambitious goal but over the years we’ve found that it all comes down to knowing the project inside out. We’re passionate about tweaking the details and capitalising on the latest advancements in construction technology to ensure your project completes on time, within budget and exceeding your expectations.

After all, your satisfaction is what really makes us tick.


When we take on your project, the most important thing we build is our relationship with you.

We understand the anxiety involved with this level of investment, and we believe it’s our job to put your mind at ease, every step of the way. That’s why we insist on accountability at every level of our organisation, on integrity and on honest communication. We ensure all of what we do meets or surpasses FIDDIC benchmarks. So you can always expect high standards of us; we expect them of ourselves. And that’s why our clients stay with us for decades.

Your satisfaction is what really makes us tick.


It’s no secret that the Maldives is one of the most challenging construction environments on the planet. That’s why at AIMA we have crafted our Total Solution concept. Simply describe your vision and we’ll hand you the keys.

From designers and architects to landscapers and civil engineers, we know the right people to call. Be it our Japanese construction partners Kurihara who we’ve trusted for over 15 years to our in-house MEP engineers, we put together specialised teams who we know can get the job done.

Our fleet of supply vessels ensure mobilisation within two weeks and once on site, our specialised team takes care of installing all water plant systems and erecting prefab housing for our workers. And when it’s time for selecting furniture, fittings and even operating systems, we’ll take care of that, too.


Whether it’s donating construction materials for community projects or redecorating an island school, we take our corporate and social responsibilities very seriously. We operate an open door policy and develop positive relationships with the islands surrounding our projects.

More than anything, our projects remind us daily of the fragility of the ecosystems we work in and we go the extra mile to ensure their conservation. Our waste disposal procedures and construction methods are extremely rigorous in safeguarding the surrounding coral reefs. At all times, we strive to reduce our environmental impact.


AIMA is at its heart a family business and our employees are our most valued asset. Although our numbers swell during peak periods of construction, our core team makes sure that the AIMA approach can be identified at all levels of operations.

Ibrahim Abdul Azeez
Managing Director
Mohamed Abdul Azeez
Yunan Ibrahim
Raida Ibrahim
Naayil Mohamed
Rafil Mohamed

So Why US?

At AIMA, we are uniquely positioned to oversee your project from its conception at the drafting table to its completion on the island.

Our local knowledge and extensive network of international and local partners mean you can leave everything with us. You’ll be in safe hands.