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AIMA Construction Company Pvt Ltd is one of the leaders in the Maldivian construction industry. AIMA has identified the importance of change and evolving itself to the needs of the dynamic business environment. Dating back to the 70s, AIMA set out to continually evolve its management and legal structure distincly to serve customer's best interest. AIMA has been a persistent pioneer for change in the Maldivian construction industry through through introduction of the latest building methods and achieving subsequent customer loyalty. Under the new structure, AIMA has recognized the need for continous development and strategic vision to sustain its competitiveness and capabilities of taking itself to the desired prospects of the construction industry. In this journey, AIMA opted to specialize in the following segments. i.e;

  1. Resorts and large property construction sector
  2. Dredging harbor and infrastructure development
  3. Residential buildings


To achieve this definitive vision AIMA embraced the values of progressive thinking, planning, partnering with other companies and the introduction and utilization of the latest technologies, and by empowering people. AIMA has the capacity to run simultaneous resort and community construction projects regardeless of the remoteness and logistical complexity. Over the years AIMA acquired the most technologically compatible, machineries, industrial know-how skilled human resources. Similar projects underway are:

  • Cocoage Residential Building
  • R. Angolhitheem
  • R. Dhuvaafaru
  • N. Kinolhas
  • Sh. Narudhoo
  • Upgrading of Moofushi Island Lodge