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AIMA Construction Company Pvt Ltd

1974 / Sole Properietorship of MR. Abdul Azeez Umar

22nd April 1991


Abdul Azeez Umar

Ibrahim Abdul Azeez

Mohamed Abdul Azeez

Ahmed Abdul Azeez

AIMA Construction Company Pvt Ltd

G. AIMA Banafsaa Magu, 20-04

Male', Republic of Maldives




Aima was founded by Mr. Abdul Azeez Umar, under the name "Galholhuaage Carpentry" in Male'. A modest establishment, where clients shortly acknowledged the Carpentry as a reliable and honest establishment, the proprietor Mr. Azeez himself was designing and teaching various skills to employees. The dedication and hard work of Mr. Azeez soon paid off and after years of growth, and ventured into the construction and renamed to AIMA Woodworks. Under the new idendity, AIMA consolidated its earlier promise of a reliable and timely service provider.

Although AIMA Woodworks was a carpentry, construction projects kept coming as early as 1973. The very first projects awarded were construction of the High Court and the residential project at M. Ontario. The beginning was good; and the positive impression opened a new dimension to AIMA's diversification which expanded its involvement in the construction sector. To make use of the company's growing popularity and to better position the company, AIMA re-branded and change its name again in 1991 to AIMA Woodworks and Contracting Company Pvt Ltd. AIMA's corporate name was once again changed in January 1997 to AIMA Construction Company Pvt Ltd. The change in the company's name also came with changes to its structure and to the top management. The Chairman Abdul Azeez Umar remained the corporate head, his youngest son Ahmed Abdul Azeez was appointed as a Director and Ibrahim Abdul Azeez remained as Managing Director while Mohamed Abdul Azeez also remained as a Director. These Developments had established AIMA as the largest construction company in the country offering a wide range of services.




Resgistered membership of Maldives Association of Construction Industries (MACI), Maldives Chamber of Commerce.

Aima also played a prominent rolde in forming (MACI) and is a founder member.




AIMA's culture is set apart by a strong will to lead and succeed as the Number One Organisation in the most challenging industry in the Maldives. At the core of our distinctive employment culture is the belief that employees and teamwork are the primary building block of our competitive advantage.


We Believe honest interactions and trust are crucial for lasting success in business. We are an equal opportunity employer. We encourage teamwork among employees. We also encourage employees to be innovative and to aspire for organizational excellence through effective teamwork. We have ensured our employees a working environment conductive to intra-employee amicable relations promoting productive output for organizational excellence.

Communities and Social Responsibility

We recognize and willingly accept our corporate social responsibility to assist the communities we operate in. We perform business as a good corporate neighbour, through involvement and support for community activities and commitment to protect the environment and our natural resources by operating in a safe, reliable and sustainable manner.     




Maintaining our market share and strategic plositioning by employing the best available technologies and best management practices to sustain our customer loyalty, and ensure growth and development in our social community as a socially responsible organisation